About Aging Eyes Vision Correction

Aging Eyes Vision Correction Karachi As we all age, we gradually lose our natural ability to readjust our focus from far to near. This normal unavoidable condition is called “Presbyopia.” For most individuals with presbyopia between 40 and 50 years of age, they begin to notice that reading small print up-close either requires additional effort, more light, reading glasses or bifocals, or if they are already “near-sighted,” they have to remove their glasses to read comfortably.
Prof. Shahid Femto Lasik & Day Care Center is on the forefront of technology and leads the way in vision correction procedures for aging eyes. No matter your stage in life, our surgeons are capable of fully customizing your treatment plan for optimal results.

Procedures include:

No sutures are required after replacing the cap. The surface is kept dry for several minutes and is then flushed with antibiotic eye drops. An eye shield or patch is applied. After LASIK Surgery, patients may experience moderate burning or itching in the eye. The shield is removed the morning after surgery. For many patients the vision will be greatly improved after the patch is removed, whereas for others, variable improvement will be noticed with greater improvement as the eyes continue to heal. This depends on the amount of astigmatism present at the time of surgery. Eye drops will be prescribed. In most cases, patients are able to return to work in a matter of a few days. Most activities may be resumed almost immediately. The face however should not be placed under water for at least two weeks. Initial findings indicate the advantages of LASIK over PRK for high myopia: