About Collagine Cross-Link

Collagine-Cross-Link-Karachi COLLAGEN CROSSLINKING : A PARADIGM SHIFT IN KERATOCONUS MANAGEMENT This revolutionary new treatment offers a new hope in patients of progressive Keratoconus Keratoconus is a bilateral ocular disorder in which the cornea assumes a conical shape due to thinning of the stromal collagen tissue.It is a relatively frequent disease with an incidence of 1 in 2000 in the general population.It classically has its onset at puberty and is progressive until the third or fourth decade of life when it usually arrests. Keratoconus can be detected clinically by slit lamp examination by an Ophthalmologist and the diagnosis can be confirmed by corneal topography.
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Treatment options

Currently, the mainstay of treatment for Keratoconus include glasses and / or specially designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses which offer good quality of vision in advance cases keratoconus can be corrected surgically by corneal grafting and placement of intracorneal rings. However, all these treatment options only correct the refractory error in Keratoconus and do not address the issue of progression of the disease. Collagen Cross Linking is a new modality of treatment that aims to arrest progression of keratoconus.