About Dry Eye Diagnosis

Dry-Eye-Diagnosis-karachi If you suffer from dry eyes, testing can help to properly diagnose the problem so that treatment can restore the tear film and eliminate or reduce complications. One of the most common patient concerns following LASIK is an increased awareness of dry eyes. Traditionally, dry eye is defined by irritation symptoms due to a deficiency in tear film. Many patients experience relief by frequent use of lubricating drops.

Tear film treatment prior to LASIK restores healthy tear production, reducing surface inflammation and sensitivity. "Preventive therapy is key to managing the resultant symptoms", says Prof. Shahid. "There are a variety of ways we can pre-treat patients prior to LASIK in order to alleviate their post-operative symptoms and achieve the patient's best-corrected visual acuity."

All patients should be aware that dry eye symptoms are a potential complication of LASIK, although usually short-term. Laser vision correction patients who have previously had dry eye symptoms, or are bothered by contact lenses, going through menopause or taking birth control pills, are more likely to experience an increased risk for dry eyes.

Post-operatively, patients may experience vision or irritation problems from marginal tear production. Most complaints resolve within six months, but with appropriate treatment they can be greatly reduced or eliminated.