About Implantable Contact Lens

custom-wavefront-lasik Karachi The Allegretto Wave Laser For patients seeking vision correction who have been told that laser vision correction isn’t a good option, there may be a better solution. Factors such as a large refractive error, dry eyes, unusual corneal shape, and thin corneas determine which procedure is appropriate for a particular patient. The good news is Prof. Shahid Femto Lasik & Day Care Center, a fully accredited surgical facility, has an option that will offer you exceptional quality vision! It’s called the Implantable Contact Lens (ICL), also known as a Refractive Lens Implant (RLI).

Lens implants have been in use worldwide for over two decades and are considered a safe and effective solution for those who are dissatisfied with the limitations of glasses and contact lenses and whose vision correction needs fall outside accepted parameters for laser vision correction. The lenses used for this procedure are similar to small contact lenses that, instead of sitting on the surface of the eye, are placed inside the eye. These lenses are composed of biocompatible materials which provide excellent optical clarity. Once in place, the lens cannot be felt, cannot be seen by the naked eye and requires no maintenance other than a routine, annual visit to your eye doctor.


General requirements for good candidates are those who:


Implantable contact lens surgery is a painless procedure and vision improvements usually appear immediately after completion. Prior to the procedure you will be given a mild sedative to help reduce anxiety and anesthetic eye drops will be placed in your eye. The lens is then inserted through a microscopic incision and placed into position in front of your natural lens. After a brief recovery period you will be allowed to leave our facility.

A follow-up visit will be required within 24 hours of your surgery. During the recovery period you will be instructed to use eye drops and protective eye shields in order to protect your eye as it heals.

Due to the sensitive nature of your eyes, ICL surgery may be performed on one eye at a time typically one week apart. After 8 to 12 weeks a laser eye surgery procedure may be recommended in order to correct astigmatism or fine tune the results of your lens procedure.