About Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

Ptosis Surgery Karachi Eyelid droop, or ptosis, is a condition which occurs most commonly as an effect of aging. Other factors that can contribute to the condition are previous surgery of the eye or eyelid, long term contact lens wear, neurological conditions, and trauma. Patients who have eyelid ptosis commonly complain of an inability to see the upper portion of their visual field, or what has been blocked by the drooping eyelid. Complications associated with this can lead to car accidents, due to an inability to see traffic lights, and accidents around the house. Patients also lose the ability to read, especially later into the night. Other complaints patients commonly have are chronic headaches, browaches, and tiredness due to the stress placed on the forehead which is constantly raised in an effort to aid the eyes in opening. Many patients are unaware that this condition exists, as it is a slowly progressive ailment. Patients are also unaware that if a portion of their visual field is obstructed by their drooping eyelid, insurance carriers will "cover" reimbursement for repair of this condition. Prof. Shahid will often place muscle stimulating eyedrops in his patient's eyes at consultation. This provides the patients with a preview of their surgical result, and aids in making in informed surgical decision.